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In my line of business, social media is the main tool of promotion that I use. It’s also my
most uncomfortable form of promotion. I was in need of direction and a solid plan to
make the best use of my social media platforms. That’s where Kari Herrera came in. At
our initial consultation, Kari asked thought-provoking questions in order to discover how
to best help me. She listened to ALL of my concerns, questions and feedback.
Thereafter, she created a social media plan of action and calendar based specifically on
what I needed.  I could tell immediately that her very detailed plan was one that would
be both effective and easy to use. She provided ideas and insights that I would never
have thought of given her background, experience and education. In other words, she
brings a lot to the table! I highly recommend Kari and her services. She has taken the
mystery and stress out of social media which has amplified my business greatly.

Doreen Boettcher

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