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Are you wearing too many hats in your business?


Overwhelmed is an understatement, right? 

You spend all day and night in front of a computer and still feel like you didn't do anything.

Your to-do list keeps growing but nothing is getting marked off.

You feel like you start each day already behind schedule.

Time is flying by and you are still in the same place that you were 3 months, 6 months or even a year ago.

You can't spend any time on any goals you've set because your too busy trying to just stay afloat.

I know the feeling.

There is a better way to run your business. 

Being in business for yourself doesn't mean you have to do it by yourself.

I'll let you in on a little known secret that will take you from scattered and stressed to organized and in control of your day and your business.

Are you ready?

Breakthrough the busyness with 


VirtuAllie is an administrative business support agency that helps you step out of the day-to-day grind and into the CEO role where you belong.

When you decide to Breakthrough the Busyness, you will receive dedicated and committed support that includes:

Managing Your Calendar

Gain control of your day. Eliminate double-bookings, missed meetings, and no shows.

Managing Your CRM and/or PM

We help keep these tools in tip-top shape so you stay organized and your business runs smoothly.

Provide Customer Support

Your customers are the bloodline of your business and we provide that level of support that keeps the blood pumping.

Social Media Account Set Up & Scheduling

You love creating content for your business but dread the time to schedule it. We'll free up your time by taking that off of your to-do list.

Managing Your Inbox

Stop drowning in emails. VirtuAllie can help you conquer that inbox abyss.

Help with Event Planning

Need to meet with some clients but don't have the time to put it together? Don't worry, we've got you. Let us take care of the details, you take care of the clients.

Imagine what life would be like when you decide to Breakthrough the Busyness

✔ You'll finally step into the CEO role you were called to

✔ Regain the hours to focus on the most important moneymaking tasks in your business.

✔ Peace of mind knowing you have the support of a partner who is as committed to your business as you.

✔ The freedom to work less while making more

It's time to invest in your business.

Are you ready to stop being busy and start moving forward?

Administrative Support

Calendar Management

Customer Support

Document Formatting

CRM Management

PRM Management

Email Management

Social Media Account Set Up/Scheduling

Data Entry

Travel Arrangements

Event Planning

Online Research


Dip Your Toe


5-7 hours a week

Put Your Feet In


10-14 hours a week

Dive Right In


15-20 hours a week

Maybe you don't see a package that works for you. Don't worry, we got you. With a talented team like ours, we can tailor a package just for you.

Bring on new customers while nurturing your current ones.

Focus on new business strategies and crush your goals.

No more double-booking yourself or missed meetings.

No more missed customer responses or potential sales in the abyss of your inbox.

Let VirtuAllie
help you move your business forward

Team Working in Glass Partitioned Office
  • So how does this all work?
    The first thing we'll do is meet on a discovery call to discuss where you are in your business, how we can help you, and get a feel if we are a good match. If we mutually agree to move forward, an agreement and invoice will be sent to you. Once the agreement is signed and the invoice is paid, you'll be introduced to your new virtual assistant and together we will strategize our new working relationship.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    Yes, but nothing long-term. Our virtual assistant services are on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel at any time. We do require a 14-day notice prior to ending our agreement. There are no refunds or partial refunds once a plan is purchased.
  • Is there a payment plan?
    Yes, you can pay in full or split into two payments.
  • What payments do you take?
    We offer a credit card and ACH options for payment. All plans are pre-paid.
  • Can I change my package?
    Absolutely! If your needs change we can adjust your package up or down each month.
  • How do I know the virtual assistant is using the time I am paying for?
    We are pros at what we do. Our work is completed within the time paid for.
  • Do I really need to hire someone for work I can do myself?
    Let me ask you, how long have you been saying "I need to find to...? You shouldn't have to find time to keep your business running. There comes a point in your business where you simply are losing more than you’re gaining by trying to do all the work yourself. The endless back and forth just to schedule a meeting isn't the best use of your time as CEO. You should be doing the things that move your business forward. Do the things you're great at and let us handle the rest.
  • Why should I choose VirtuAllie?
    That's a great question! Not everyone will be a great fit to work with us and we may not be a great fit to work with everyone either! We want you to choose us because we share the same values. We believe in putting people first, treating others the way we want to be treated, and always do what you say your going to do but most importantly, to have fun. If you value the same things we value, there is so much we can accomplish together!

Sound good? Let's get you back into that CEO role.

Just a little about me

My name is Kari Herrera and I'm the visionary and founder of VirtuAllie. I've had a blessed career in hospitality where I cultivated a spirit to serve others. After starting a side hustle as a virtual assistant, I quickly realized the need for administrative help for overwhelmed entrepreneurs and small business owners and after much prayer, VirtuAllie was formed.


If you think VirtuAllie is the right fit for you, let's schedule a Discovery Call to discover how we can serve you!




It was such a pleasure working with the team at VirtuAllie. They made my experience seamless with their supportive attitude and exceptional attention to detail.  The owner, Kari, was a joy to work with as well. She has a very positive demeanor and is always willing to jump in and help. I highly recommend VirtuAllie, as they are trustworthy, reliable and deliver excellent quality work!


 Kari listened to ALL of my concerns, questions and feedback. Thereafter, she created a plan of action based specifically on what I needed.  She provided ideas and insights that I would never have thought of given her background, experience and education. In other words, she brings a lot to the table! I highly recommend Kari and her services. 

Cozy Office

Don't be in the same place you were yesterday.
Let's get moving!

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